September 24, 2014

Oil me up!

Since the ending of last Baseball season, my elbow is hurting; I throw an average of 250 balls per training (4 to 5 trainings a week) as BP. Afterwards I always have a soar elbow, what you might know as a Golf-elbow... The pain is on the inside of the elbow, in contrary to the Tennis-elbow (which is on the outside).

The only workable solution I found so far, is to put myself on the DL-list for a couple of days. But who will be throwing BP then??? The worst solution is getting a Tommy John surgery, but that means I cannot use my arm for 9 up to 12 months...

Last week I threw some balls again, right away pain in my elbow! My wife made a mix of 3 Young Living oils (Pan-Away, Peppermint & Valor added some Almond-oil) to rub on. The pain went away rather quick and after 3 day the pain was gone completely!!!

Me happy, the pain is gone & I can throw some more balls!!!

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