September 27, 2014

Average Age MLB Games

MLB reports the average age of the supporters/fans has risen to 55 years. They are thinking to change some rules to attract a younger audience and speed up the game (read less boring...).  But what about the average age of those that play the game?

Derek Jeter is busy with his 20th and final season at age 40. 

I am no Yankee fan, Duh, stating the obvious! But this icon will always have my respect, for being the great sportsman that he is!

Dè Flanegin (Hoofddorp Pioniers) is retiring after 23 (Twenty-three!) seasons at age 42... This guy
ended his last game playing all positions possible.
Nothing but respect for these guys, but... Is this a trend or did I just pick 2 guys too good to retire? Just imaging that age is nothing but a number. What would the diamond look like???
Something like this???

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