May 16, 2014

Anybody got a clone-machine?

Okay... Both kids have a game on Sunday... At about the same time... At two different locations... And there is just one of me!

Since I am trainer/coach for both teams, this is one of the down-sides to having both kids play. And I am not even talking about my own games...

Kid #2 will be playing @ Sparks Haarlem, which is relatively close-by; game is max hour and a half.
Kid #1 will be playing @ Flying Petrels Purmered, which is a bit further away; his game will be max 2 hours.

So now I got a dilemma... How do I split myself in two?

I know! There is always a solution, but I made a commitment to these kids at the start of this season, and now I already have to let down ('cause that's how it feels to me) one of the teams!

The solution is now as follows: my wife will bring Kid #2 to his game (someone will be replacing me - so they got a coach), while I will be hitching a ride to the game of Kid #1. Since the game of Kid #1 will start later and eventually end later, my wife will join us as soon as Kid #2 has finished his game...

ANYWAYZ! To leave you with a subject of lighter matter... Kid #1 has made the selection of the Little League regional team of Kennemerland to play for the Dutch National Championship!!!

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