May 6, 2014

RCH Aspiranten 1 Back On Track

Yesterdays game was a good one!

The guys were really bummed out about the `unnecessary´ loss against Amsterdam Pirates. Still thinking about it makes me wanna re-play that game! And I am not the only one thinking that...

But 'nuff said. Back to present time: yesterday's opponent was Hoofddorp Pioniers 2. The team was ready to leave the loss of 2 weeks ago be and look forwards. Several guys were late as they also had a game with Aspiranten 2, but the complete team would start this game.

The first inning they got 1 runner batted in, we got 2. Second inning they got another runner in, we got none... Third inning THEY got none and we got 6 runners batted in! Taking a big lead, of which they never recovered from. The fourth as well as the final (fifth) inning they didn't get any more runners batted in, leaving their total runs to just 2. We got another hit and a couple of fly balls in the fourth inning that kept our runs total 8 to win the game.

With this win, we are back on track: going with 3 games 2 wins 1 loss. Still keeping up with the competition!

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