January 12, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen! The Baseball School is in session!!!

Here's a little sum up of the weekend.
Yesterday we went to the Hockeyteam of Amsterdam: 
Amstel Tigers. 

 Just me, the kids and a couple of baseball friends! We spend a lot of money there:
1. € 0.30 parking
2. € 0 entrance fee
3. € 5 coffee & beer
4. € 3 French fries

Today the baseball holidays are done! FINALLY the indoor sessions of RCH Pinguins started around 9:30 with 27 overly enthusiast kids (7-12), 18 eager adolescents (12-15) and later on the guys of 16-21 that are gonna try to claim 1 of 4 spots in the Rookie League for 2015!

Happy Dad... Happy Kids!!!


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