September 27, 2014

Average Age MLB Games

MLB reports the average age of the supporters/fans has risen to 55 years. They are thinking to change some rules to attract a younger audience and speed up the game (read less boring...).  But what about the average age of those that play the game?

Derek Jeter is busy with his 20th and final season at age 40. 

I am no Yankee fan, Duh, stating the obvious! But this icon will always have my respect, for being the great sportsman that he is!

Dè Flanegin (Hoofddorp Pioniers) is retiring after 23 (Twenty-three!) seasons at age 42... This guy
ended his last game playing all positions possible.
Nothing but respect for these guys, but... Is this a trend or did I just pick 2 guys too good to retire? Just imaging that age is nothing but a number. What would the diamond look like???
Something like this???

September 24, 2014

Oil me up!

Since the ending of last Baseball season, my elbow is hurting; I throw an average of 250 balls per training (4 to 5 trainings a week) as BP. Afterwards I always have a soar elbow, what you might know as a Golf-elbow... The pain is on the inside of the elbow, in contrary to the Tennis-elbow (which is on the outside).

The only workable solution I found so far, is to put myself on the DL-list for a couple of days. But who will be throwing BP then??? The worst solution is getting a Tommy John surgery, but that means I cannot use my arm for 9 up to 12 months...

Last week I threw some balls again, right away pain in my elbow! My wife made a mix of 3 Young Living oils (Pan-Away, Peppermint & Valor added some Almond-oil) to rub on. The pain went away rather quick and after 3 day the pain was gone completely!!!

Me happy, the pain is gone & I can throw some more balls!!!

May 16, 2014

Anybody got a clone-machine?

Okay... Both kids have a game on Sunday... At about the same time... At two different locations... And there is just one of me!

Since I am trainer/coach for both teams, this is one of the down-sides to having both kids play. And I am not even talking about my own games...

Kid #2 will be playing @ Sparks Haarlem, which is relatively close-by; game is max hour and a half.
Kid #1 will be playing @ Flying Petrels Purmered, which is a bit further away; his game will be max 2 hours.

So now I got a dilemma... How do I split myself in two?

I know! There is always a solution, but I made a commitment to these kids at the start of this season, and now I already have to let down ('cause that's how it feels to me) one of the teams!

The solution is now as follows: my wife will bring Kid #2 to his game (someone will be replacing me - so they got a coach), while I will be hitching a ride to the game of Kid #1. Since the game of Kid #1 will start later and eventually end later, my wife will join us as soon as Kid #2 has finished his game...

ANYWAYZ! To leave you with a subject of lighter matter... Kid #1 has made the selection of the Little League regional team of Kennemerland to play for the Dutch National Championship!!!

May 11, 2014

Mother's Day... Game Day?

Depending on what the weather will be like, RCH Aspiranten 1 either have a late afternoon game against Kinheim or a rained out weekend...

Just spoke to one of the coaches @ Kinheim, the pupillen were playing ball!!!

UPDATE: Game is rained out! Will be rescheduled on a training's night!!!

Anyway... A great day to all the mothers who watch their kids play the best game in the world EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND!

May 9, 2014

Thrift shopping

Sometimes I join my wife for some Thrift shopping. I generally come back with a vinyl record or 2, but last weeks hunt was a beauty!

I found this here cap for €1... Check out the MLB shop for the regular retail price!

Just a quick rinse and Ed's got a brand new cap!

PS. Guess what just popped up in my mailbox? An mail from my wife to go thifting this weekend at the IJ-hallen in Amsterdam-Noord...

May 6, 2014

RCH Aspiranten 1 Back On Track

Yesterdays game was a good one!

The guys were really bummed out about the `unnecessary´ loss against Amsterdam Pirates. Still thinking about it makes me wanna re-play that game! And I am not the only one thinking that...

But 'nuff said. Back to present time: yesterday's opponent was Hoofddorp Pioniers 2. The team was ready to leave the loss of 2 weeks ago be and look forwards. Several guys were late as they also had a game with Aspiranten 2, but the complete team would start this game.

The first inning they got 1 runner batted in, we got 2. Second inning they got another runner in, we got none... Third inning THEY got none and we got 6 runners batted in! Taking a big lead, of which they never recovered from. The fourth as well as the final (fifth) inning they didn't get any more runners batted in, leaving their total runs to just 2. We got another hit and a couple of fly balls in the fourth inning that kept our runs total 8 to win the game.

With this win, we are back on track: going with 3 games 2 wins 1 loss. Still keeping up with the competition!

May 2, 2014