March 24, 2014

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend?

Mine was great! FINALLY we got to play our first games, although it be practice games!

Son #2 had his first game with his U13 team 2nd division. He was my starting pitcher. Ever since he got glasses last year his performance on the "mount" has improved. Hence my starting pitcher. 

I am one of those coaches that does not care for the outcome of a game other than the kids must have learned something from that game and they need to have fun. Don't get me wrong: Winning is great, but not at all costs...

On this U13 team I have 2 pitchers and found out Saturday that 2 is not enough! So I had to put 2 kids on the mount that never pitched a ball before, but they are the bigger kids, so they needed to be an example to the rest of the team. Hopefully their effort is good enough for the others to give pitching a try as well. Fingers crossed! The team played great against Odiz Frogs, I have no idea what the score was... 

Son #1 had his first game with his new U16 team 1st division. He was the starting catcher, has been that for years. Strong arm, not afraid of the ball, just lacking some confidence, but that is probably part of puberty. With the move to 1st division he became the smallest team member, where he used to be one of the bigger guys on his previous team. 

With this guy's team we do care for the result, but like I said before: Not at all costs. Today's game was the first real tryout of the team. We only had 9 player (1 was a bit under the weather, but he was there), so we had to make due... Although. We had 4 great innings against Kinheim: 18 against 9!

Like I said: Mine was great!


  1. We had Oscar's second game of the season against the Twins in Oosterhout. It was a loss, but a good loss as a lot was learned. Most of the team have moved to Aspriranten (u15 - I think?), and this comes with new rules. So a few mistakes were made trying to steal bases or making incorrect judgements due to the new distance between bases.

    However, this is exactly what the training games are for. Bring on Neptunus next week...

    1. All those new rules are confusing, Paul. Michael has played U16 last year, but in 2nd division. Yes, they sometimes miss a movement of the pitcher when trying a pick-off, but they learn quick enough!
      I guess the boys will be meeting in a couple of weeks in Utrecht!