December 10, 2012

New Start

Welcome old & new friends...

I am going to re-use this blog to write about one of my favorite waste-of-times: Baseball

And no, it's not just about me watching ESPN to catch a glimp of an MLB game I didn't wanna watch in the first place... It's also about me playing in the Basement division of the Dutch Baseball competition, it's about me being a coach of an U15 team with the upcoming local heroes and finally it's about me being part of a group of people with a wish to make things better in a local baseball club... And something else that I want to keep under the radar for now!!!

So... As I will have a lotta free time on my hand as of January 1st. I am going to do some extra stuff!

And you probably thought there ain't no baseball games on anymore??? I'll leave you with this link!
Check out the B√ČISBOL INVERNAL 2012-2013 (Domincan Baseball League)... Games generally start around 22 CET. -- CLICK HERE -- and press play!

Have Fun!

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